Our mission is to enrich Jewish Culture in Central Texas by presenting Jewish Authors and themes that engage, educate, and inspire.

beyond the book coordinator

Crystal Connally, Director Arts & Culture/Special Projects:  Holds a BFA in Directing from Texas State University,  Crystal has worked at the Austin JCC assisting the Executive Director in special projects as well as initially creating the youth theater program.  Crystal collaborates with all the cultural areas of the JCC and oversee Maccabi Arts Fest for Team Austin.  She created Spotlight on Arts & Ideas Subscription season which supports, in part, Shalom Austin’s mission by providing cultural opportunities for the community while also supporting Jewish artists, performers, writers, and heritage. 

Book fair committee

Denise Shade

Gayle Cannon

Eileen Ladd

Del Garcia

Judy Gressel

Ruth Deitch

Davie Lou Solka

Susie Stix

Linda Aronovsky Cox

Zoe Miller

Patty Tauber

Leone Lain

Ken Nordhauser

Linda Stein

Davida Bilgrad

Gail Ellenbogen

Bertha Miller

Rowena Chodorow

Deborah Pardo-Kaplan

Rochelle Krause

Sarita Rosen